What is KUPP?

KUPP is a crypto currency that can be utilized by any business to gamify their audience, employees, or customers.

Why would I want my business gamified?

It is human nature to be motivated by rewards. In the classic dynamic we currently exist in rewards are stable, predictable, and one-sided. You want a product. You find a store to buy the product. Your reward is getting that desire met. You need to earn money. You find a job. Your reward is having a paycheck. You want to expose your brand to an audience. You pay for advertising. Your reward is that your audience grows.

What is flawed about this dynamic is that it creates front-end intrigue, but this quickly plateaus. It leads to less frequent visits to your business, under motivated employees, and quickly distracted audiences.

When you gamify your business, you create a reward system that engages your target in a way that ultimately improves the business itself. By offering tasks with a small reward, you create constant mutually beneficial engagement.

What does gamification look like?

Audience Engagement

Put your audience’s fingertips and idle time to use in a simple way that makes an impact. Task prompts can be to follow an Instagram account, submit a post or picture, make a download, watch an ad, edit a caption. This will create an ongoing conversation between your brand and your audience, keeping their attention beyond what they initially came to you for.

Employee Motivation

It is impractical to expect the average employee to maintain motivation and efficiency over years of repetitive work. By introducing a task-hub, you can reinvigorate employees with ever changing tasks with a reward that is not just a paycheck. By incentivizing menial tasks or in-house expenses, you can target weak areas in your business and have employee led change.

Customer interaction Many businesses require huge imports of user data and interest. These things do not come easily and employing people to acquire this information is expensive. Instead, you can offer an opportunity for any customer to work for you. They can complete surveys, enter data, translate content – consider them to be thousands of globally based freelance employees, rewarded in a globally recognized currency.

Why KUPP token?

Cryptocurrency is the upcoming dominating force in the global economy. With this, anyone in the world has access to the same rate and trends in a decentralized manner. KUPP tokens can be traded into the crypto market as ERC20 token. Users with a cryptowallet can then go on to buy, trade, sell, and cash out when ever they wish.

OK, I’m interested. What do I need to qualify for this?

In order to use our KUPP token system, you must have an operating digital platform in which you can engage with your target. Websites, applications, internal company-wide servers, social media accounts, online games, etc.

Why would I want to buy KUPP token, as an investor?

The more digital our world becomes, the more opportunity there is for all platforms to be gamified. Video games have had their own reward currencies for decades, but soon this concept will be expanded and applied to any digital sector. With smartphones and devices in the hands of the majority of the developed world, people are “gaming” without even knowing it. However, in the current system, they are pawns for advertisers and algorithms. With a gamified system, users can become rewarded for choosing and engaging in whatever way they wish. This will keep them motivated and propel the information and service base they can provide for a business. Since they will be rewarded for their time and efforts, this creates a mutually beneficial relationship between business and their target.

How do I buy and sell my KUPP token?

You can buy and sell KUPP via partner exchanges