What is KUPP?

Kupp is a crypto currency that can be utilized by any business to gamify their audience, employees, or customers.

For any platform that requires user engagement, KUPP is here to reward users when interacting with a business platform. You can earn KUPP through the KUPP App and through our current partners:

  • FoodBuk
  • Indimi
  • Eldori
  • Macchinga
  • a-GAME
  • d-GAME
What is KUPP App?

KUPP App is a task center hub for all partners of KUPP. Users create their personalized homepage to access available tasks and track their accumulated KUPP.

Tasks are digital actions a user can complete (views, follows, likes, checking in, etc.) from any smart device and can be accessed anywhere in the world.

KUPP App Task Center is synchronized with a crypto currency in order to allow any user to engage and earn without local financial jurisdiction limitations.

So, what’s the catch?

KUPP is a long-term project whose value and success depends on user engagement.

KUPP is dedicated to helping everyday people earn capital that currently fuels banks, technology giants, and other intermediaries. KUPP depends on the collective contributions of its members.

By merging tasks from various trades and services to a universal hub (KUPP App), we are laying a foundation for this digital currency and marketplace to build community, establish value, and exchange services in a fully secure and transparent manner.

In short, there is no catch. KUPP is here to create a unique experience where businesses and brands can engage with and improve alongside their customers and users.

How does this app work? How do I earn more KUPP?

Surely, your wallet is filled with punch cards from your favorite coffee shops and stores. Consider KUPP App to be your digital punch card, where all of the points you earn from each place accumulate in one place with one global currency.

To use KUPP App, simply create your user profile. By browsing the Task Center, you can view the value of completing a task (ex. Check in = 1 KUPP). Once a task is completed you will see your KUPP balance increase.

Once your KUPP balance reaches 7500, you have the option to withdraw it to your ERC-20 supported wallet or take it to the partnered exchanges to trade with other crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, USDT).

What is the value of my KUPP?

KUPP’s value is determined by the free market. KUPP is currently paired against USDT and can be traded in partnered exchanges. It’s value depends on people who buy and sell it.

Can I earn KUPP from more than one device or more than one application?


Is this app a wallet? And can we use an external wallet to hold our KUPP in the future?

No. KUPP App is a dashboard that shows your activities and KUPP earnings.

How can I get more informed about KUPP?

Join us on the KUPP Official Discord server for instant updates, customer service, and more information.